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Overheating is the most common and harmful malfunction that may bring your iPhone down during use. Here is a full guide which is helpful to you if you want to understand the main cause of the iPhone overheating please read the guide until the end to find out. Our modifications will provide secure and useful solutions for this prevalent phone issue.

Understanding iPhone Overheating

Similarly, iPhones are electronics which tend to overheat because of one factor or another, if they do.Some common causes include:

Excessive Usage: Intensity and running time of resource greedy applications, e.g. gaming or video streaming, which increase internal heat generation in a device are examples of such factors.

Software Issues: A system crash may arise in the device’s operating system due to internal bugs inside which causes high volume of energy production via heat.

External Factors: This overheating can play out from: direct exposure to high ambient temperatures; direct sunlight; or placing the iPhone in the organisms that retain (Upright) heat.

Battery Problems: The battery going wrong may, at such instances, generate an excess of heat during a recharge or operation.

Risk Stimulated By Hot iPhones

Performance Degradation: It can be seen that excessive heat in some parts of the brain can lead to deterioration of total performance which dull the response time and activity.

Battery Degradation: If spent too much time in extremely high temperatures, batteries have a chance to go through the faster degradation process, so it means less lifespan and better health.

App Malfunctions: Jetting a little high is the risk that can lead to applications’ problems, like malfunction or even the crash, and it will definitely cause a bad experience for the user.

Device Shutdown: Under intense conditions, your iPhone might be forced to shutdown to preserve it from overheating. This is why it is very important to be wary of the temperature of your smartphone at all times.

Our Overheating Solutions

We portray the iPhone repair in Ras Al Khor with a great understanding of the urgency and essence of getting overheating swiftly fixed up. Our approach involves:

Thorough Diagnostics

We will use our experts for diagnosis which is comprehensive and leading to the identification of the main reason of overheating. One of the major tasks is to evaluate both the hardware and the software of the computer systems.

Battery Health Check

We conduct in-depth battery check on iPhone as well as the other possible factors of the overheating problem you have been experiencing.

Software Optimization

Maintaining the software functionality incorporating updates, optimizations, and fixes, is one of the main combation strategies against overheating.

Hardware Inspection

We diligently check the iPhone’s hardware chipset, processor and other crucial modules, to ascertain any hardware issues causing the device to overheat.

Battery Replacement

If the worn-out battery is found to be the cause, we provide you with professional battery replacement at the Apple-authorized cell to guarantee its top working performance and safety.


Heat Dissipation Solutions

Applying efficient heat dissipation solutions for example, interior parts cleaning and appropriate airflow guarantees, being the utmost prerogative for avoiding overheating.

What separates our company from the others while offering solutions for overheating in Ras Al Khor is our team of qualified professionals and our passion for finding effective solutions.

Is your iPhone overheating? We are quite confident with the issue of it. Then, if you’ve acknowledged your dilemma as you’re reading this, reach out to us quickly! The team of our service endowed with the expertise of the certified professionals holding a considerable experience in dismantling and repairing heat gushes in iPhones.

Our focus on customers’ fulfilment is proven by our promise to supply the results that either perform at or above the targeted number. Trust of our clients is our currency and we will do our best to be worthy of it.


Managing the problem of iPhone overheating in area of Ras Al Khor calls to be a thorough and skilled resolution. Quick and reliable smartphone repair service is our expertise: we are specially trained up to deal with the high level of complexity brought by the latest devices, use original Apple parts, deliver fast service, and have open and responsive communication, all with our aim to satisfy customers. Be assured that whenever your iPhone overheating becomes an issue, we can fix the problem not only for the short term, i.e., keeping it cool, but also long lasting, i.e., keeping your device working properly.

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