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iPhone 11 Pro Max Back Glass Repair Dubai: Restoring Its Glory

Apple’s commitment to excellent design is shown by the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Its glass back is shiny and adds to its visual appeal. However, accidents do happen despite this beauty! A damaged back cover could make the phone look ugly. For quality repairs, we are the best repair center in Dubai. We have a great team and our service is affordable. So, if your iPhone’s back glass needs ti be changed, bring it to us. We will fix it in no time!

Reasons for a Broken Back Cover

Accidental Drops: The most common reason for a broken back cover is an accidental drop. It is made of sturdy materials. But even then, the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s glass back could break. Or it can crack if it falls from a considerable height.

Impact Damage: If the back cover is subjected to impact damage, like being struck hard, it may crack or break. There could be noticeable glass damage as a result of the force used during impact.

Our Expert Approach to Back Cover Repair

With our repair procedure, we promise that the device’s structural integrity will be restored. Taking care of the external case and visual while doing all of this.

Assessment: The iPhone 11 Pro Max is first given a comprehensive assessment by our skilled technicians. This is to evaluate the extent of the damage to the rear cover. This facilitates the assessment of whether damage is limited to the surface or affects internal components as well.

Safe Disassembly: To access the damaged back cover, our technicians carefully disassemble the apparatus.

Genuine Replacement Parts: Using quality replacement parts is our top priority. We have genuine iPhone 11 Pro Max back covers in stock. These are made to perfectly fit the original requirements.


Expert Installation: Our experts install the replacement back cover. Thus, paying close attention to every little detail to ensure a flawless finish. Precise alignment and a tight attachment are necessary to preserve the device’s water resistance and overall functionality.

Quality Assurance: After the repair, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is subjected to a demanding testing procedure. It’s to ensure that the back cover is securely in place and that every function, including wireless charging, is operational once more. Our commitment to quality control guarantees that, prior to being returned to the customer, the device satisfies the strictest specifications.


An iPhone 11 Pro Max’s cracked back cover could be a major issue in Dubai, where style and functionality meet. With our dedicated repair services, users can feel secure knowing their device is in capable hands. Come experience our faultless restoration, where excellence and efficiency meet for iPhone 11 Pro Max back cover repairs.

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