Common iPhone 8 Problems

iPhone 8 Repair Dubai iPhone has impressed one and all with its unique features and groundbreaking technology. However, contrary to popular belief, the iPhone series is no stranger to common problems that keep resurfacing.  iPhone 8, similar to the other phones in Apple’s smartphone line, has numerous flaws and shortcomings. Here are some noteworthy problems that people have complained of.

1. Issues with Group Face Time

Face time is one of the groundbreaking features present in the smartphone. However, the feature faces problems, as group face time is not working. This has led to Apple temporarily shutting down the feature.

If the app is restored and up-and-running on other devices while not functioning on yours, contact a professional for assistance iPhone 8 Repair Dubai.

2. Phone App Crashes and Freezes

Many users are complaining that the phone app crashes and freezes upon use. Even factory resetting the phone does not solve the problem.

Turning off the exchanged contacts can get the phone up and running like before; however, if this does not resolve the issue, look for iPhone 8 repair Dubai.

3. Swelling Battery

Swelling Battery is one of the more common problems found in iPhone 8. The root cause of the swelling is still unknown but it causes the screen to detach from the body of the device.

As of now, Apple is investigating this glitch. If you have an iPhone 8 that faces the issue, contact iPhone UAE  and get a replacement set.One look at the impact sensors of the iPhone by a technician is enough to pinpoint the damaged areas and repair the screen Furniture Assembly Dubai.

iPhone 8 Repair Dubai

iPhone, as we all know, is a product of quality. Hence, it is considerably expensive than most of the other phones. This is why it is crucial to use the phone with utmost care. However, if regular use or an accident damages your phone and you need iPhone Repair, don’t hesitate to consult a professional Sliding door repair Dubai.